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09 November 2017

THE Parish Council approached the applicant and landowner of the proposed new residential development of up to 70 dwelling houses north of Salvin Terrace, who indicated that he would be willing to support street names put forward by the Parish Council provided the reason for the choices and the derivation of the name is acceptable.

It was agreed at the parish council meeting on Thursday 12th October to submit all the street names put forward by Members that reflect local, geographic or historic significance in the area and are compatible with surrounding street names, depending on final site layout.

The first choice was Garmonds, with Street, Road, Close, or View after the name [Gormond the Dane gave rise to the name Garmondsway]. Thinking of the area's mining heritage: Shaft Close, Pony Close, Wheel Close, Pitman Close, Banner Parade, Colliery Close, and Shaftsbury Street. Middleham [an Old English name for 'middle settlement or farm']; Bourne [the village is first recorded in the medieval period when it was known as 'Fissebourne'];  Skerne [the River Skerne forms the southern boundary of the parish; and Adelmo [Adelmo (Arthur) Santi was an Italian ice cream-maker and a self-made man whose great-granddaughter is BBC New Tricks and EastEnders star Tamzin Outhwaite], all with Street, Road, Close, or View after the name.

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